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Any Free Tailwind CSS template

With support for saving as HTML, React, and Vue Component. Support class name preview online.

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Simplified Integration

Excompt provides a convenient browser extension that streamlines the process of exporting UI components and even the whole page to code

Tailwind CSS Styling

Excompt automatically generating styled components using the popular tailwindcss framework. This promotes easy maintenance and adherence to best practices for responsive design. Support Tailwind CSS preview Online.

Flexible Output Formats

Whether you're working with HTML, React, or Vue, Excompt has you covered for better development experience

Web Dashboard

Excompt offers a user-friendly web dashboard where you can conveniently save and organize your exported components

Exported Examples



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  • Unlimited component export in HTML format
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Frequently Asked Questions about Excompt

What is Excompt?

Excompt is a powerful tool that allows you to export UI components from any webpage into a tailwind CSS styled component, supporting HTML, React, and Vue output formats.

How does Excompt work?

Once you install the Excompt browser extension, you can simply select on any webpage and "Use Excompt to export its UI component." Excompt will then generate the styled component for you to use.

What are the key features of Excompt?

Excompt offers simplified integration through its browser extension, automatically generates styled components using tailwind CSS, supports flexible output formats (HTML, React, and Vue), and provides a web dashboard for saving and organizing exported components.

Can I use Excompt with different web development frameworks?

Yes, Excompt supports HTML, React, and Vue output formats, allowing you to seamlessly integrate exported components into your preferred web development framework.

Does Excompt provide a web dashboard?

Yes, Excompt offers a user-friendly web dashboard where you can save and organize your exported components, create collections, add tags, and access your components from anywhere.

How can Excompt benefit my web development workflow?

Excompt simplifies exporting styled web page UI components, help you reuse and highlight good design elements, gaining design inspiration for your projects. Try Excompt today and elevate your web development projects!